$1m Stolen from DoorDash drivers!

WWYD if DoorDash texted you?

Summer is in full swing, and it’s a great time of year to be out on the road! Make the most of it before the weather turns (depending on where you gig). Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted on everything going on in the gig economy this summer.

One thing we’re particularly excited about this summer is the next edition of Gig Con, happening in Denver this year. If you’re from the Denver area, or feel like making a trip, then come check out what Pedro (Mr. Bet on You), Hannibal is Hungry, and Rideshare Rodeo are planning for August 4th and 5th.

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This week's top headlines from the Gig Economy

Man accused of scamming DoorDash drivers out of $950k

This scam has been running since 2020 in Stamford, New York. DoorDash drivers were tricked into giving their app credentials to a fake hotline—someone pretending to be DoorDash driver support. Luckily, this scammer is off the street now. Be cautious out there! Double check your text messages and trust your gut if you feel something is suspicious.

Community of gig workers start a GoFundMe for family of fallen Lyft driver

We brought you Mohamed’s story in a previous edition of the Gig Life. Now we’re back to highlight a GoFundMe campaign that’s been organized to support this Lyft driver’s family. He died in a tragic car accident while on the job, and a small group of gig workers stepped up to try and help.

Please share the GoFundMe with the community, friends, and family.

Uber and DoorDash warn of huge changes when New York City adopts its new $18 minimum wage for delivery workers

There’s a lot of recent excitement in New York City around new proposed laws for minimum wage for delivery drivers. But it looks like the fight isn’t over yet. Uber and DoorDash are warning of significant changes that could come to their driver apps if the minimum wage changes go through. We’ll stay tuned for you.


Video Spotlight

9-Pizza Little Caesar order canceled by DoorDash

Who doesn’t appreciate some free pizza!? Well… this DoorDash driver got 9 of them, and drove around town giving them away for free to homeless people. They kept one for themselves! Why not?

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