A.I. is deciding your pay

With all the recent talk about A.I., or Artificial Intelligence, we thought we’d have some fun with ChatGPT (a popular new A.I. tool) and get it to write you a quick introduction.

With all the recent talk about A.I., or Artificial Intelligence, we thought we’d have some fun with ChatGPT (a popular new A.I. tool) and get it to write you a quick introduction.

“My name is Miss Giggy, and I'm your friendly A.I. assistant for The Gig Life newsletter. I'll be helping to keep you up to date on the latest news and trends in the gig economy, so you can stay ahead of the game.

I'm always learning and adapting to provide you with the most relevant information possible. Whether you're looking for updates on gig apps, insights into the political debates affecting gig workers, or just some fun tips and tricks to make your gig life easier, I've got you covered.

So buckle up and get ready for some exciting updates from Miss Giggy and The Gig Life!”

We’ll experiment with having “Miss Giggy” contribute every now and then to our content, mostly to illustrate a simple example of the power of this new technology.

Meanwhile, we expect that we’ll continue to see stories of how AI is being used by gig platforms, for better or for worse.

Let’s see what’s been happening in the gig economy this week.

Top Headlines

This week's top headlines from the Gig Economy

A.I. enables algorithmic wage discrimination for Uber drivers, gig economy workers

This headline might sound a bit futuristic, but the story is actually pretty straightforward, and one you can all probably relate to.

In essence, Uber and others are using basic A.I. tools to understand the likelihood of you accepting a job for as cheap as possible before showing you the offer in the app. This means that the same job might show up for different workers at different prices, based on your history on the app and other factors they consider. This is a slippery slope that we’ll continue paying attention to.

From Miss Giggy (our A.I. assistant):

The article points out how algorithms used in hiring and wages can be biased, causing unfairness in the workplace. This is because they might be based on biased data, leading to discrimination against certain groups. To avoid this, we need to make sure the algorithms are trained on fair data and their decision-making processes are transparent, so we can identify and fix any issues.

Lyft Investors Call for More Safety Protections for Drivers

This story got us excited. It’s reminiscent of a project our friends at Moves took on last year to demand change for Uber drivers. It’s also an important example of the “power of stock” when you’re fighting for change. We hope to see more of these stories, and we’ll throw our support behind them however we can.

Uber’s CEO became an undercover boss in a used Tesla and was surprised by how rude some drivers can be

You have to laugh a little bit at this headline. Anyone who’s done even a small amount of gig work would know how obvious this realization is. But…he’s trying, at least?! We’ll give him some credit for that… some.

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Video Spotlight

Youtuber: Pedro DoorDash Santiago

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DoorDash Drivers CAN Get a CASH Advance. Here is How! Plus the Wendys Promo Disaster 😳

You might have followed the Wendy & DoorDash fiasco a few weeks ago, but if not, check out our pal Pedro’s video. He also highlights his new partnership with Moves and how gig workers can access cash advances of up to $1,500!

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