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  • $1,000! Would you let your kid go on a GrubHub shopping spree?

$1,000! Would you let your kid go on a GrubHub shopping spree?

I won’t spill all the details, but this GrubHub story is painful to read. What do you do after $1,000 of food shows up on your doorstep?

I won’t spill all the details, but this GrubHub story is painful to read. What do you do after $1,000 of food shows up on your doorstep? And I wonder what the GrubHub drivers doing the deliveries were thinking as they rolled up one after the other… Hopefully, the kid tipped well!

Check out the full story in the headlines below, and make sure you’re careful next time you let your kids play with your phone.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots going on in the gig economy these past few weeks, including some good news from the IRS for your 2022 tax filings (don’t get too excited!), and more progress on states looking at new ways to fight for gig workers’ rights. I’ll share my thoughts in more detail below.

Tangibly, I’m also excited to share a cool FREE tool that our partners at Moves have launched to help gig workers prove their income for landlords, lenders, background checks, etc.

Top Headlines

This week's top headlines from the Gig Economy

Boy Spends $1K on GrubHub After Taking Dad's Phone to Play Games

Change your password and watch your kids! It turns out, the kid just wanted some pepperoni pizza. And luckily for the family, GrubHub reached out and offered them $1,000 credit for future orders.

IRS Delays New $600 Reporting Rule for Gig Workers and Online Sellers to 2024: Here's What You Need to Know

This article is music to my ears. I’ve been frustrated with the IRS ever since they announced their new rules for 1099 contractors having to report income above $600 in a year (the threshold used to be $20,000). It sounds like this change caused enough blowback that they decided to delay it by 1 year.

So don’t get too excited, because this will kick in for 2024, but at least this tax season shouldn’t be as stressful for you.

Bill to protect gig workers introduced at state Capitol

I’m usually a bit skeptical when I hear about new laws getting passed related to the gig economy. After having followed the AB5 debacle in California, I’ve had a general sense that legislators don’t really understand the reality of gig work.

But this new proposed law in Colorado feels a bit different, and could lead to good precedent for the rest of the country. In effect, it would require gig apps to be transparent about how much a customer is paying vs. how much a worker is earning, and specifically highlight how much the company is making on each gig. This is already the norm on services like Airbnb, but has yet to be adopted by Uber, DoorDash and their peers.

‘Uber is going to take the word of a random rider’: Driver says he was banned after rider falsely reported him for drunk driving

Uber is at it again: deactivating drivers without evidence and with no recourse even if the allegations are disproven. David takes to TikTok to tell his side of the story, and I have to admit that it’s compelling. It’s a good reminder that Uber will almost always prioritize a customer over an earner, even if you’ve done everything right.

Let’s all give David a follow on TikTok to show our support.

Also, David if you’re reading this (or if someone happens to know him and can forward this), we’d love to send some love with a $500 gift through our friends at Moves. Get in touch: [email protected]

Video Spotlight

Youtuber: The Long Island Dash Experience

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Kids Vs Parents | Delivering Doordash & Uber Eats

We’re back with one my favorites: the Long Island Dash Experience. This video is one of the most fun I’ve seen in a while. Mary & Lou face off against their kids to see who can make the most money. Who says gig work isn’t a family business!

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