American Pie… or just a DoorDash ad?

It’s HOT out there. Riding through the muggy city streets the past few days has felt like peak summer, and this is just the start.

It’s HOT out there. Riding through the muggy city streets the past few days has felt like peak summer, and this is just the start. These are the rare moments when we can appreciate colder months (especially on long rides wearing a heavy, sweaty backpack). Although we’re coming from a slightly colder climate than most of our readers, it’s safe to say that we can finally enjoy the summer weather!

Stay cool & safe out there! Here’s what’s been going on this week in the gig economy.

Top Headlines

This week's top headlines from the Gig Economy

RIP: A Lyft driver picked up 2 friends after night out in D.C. None made it home.

This one hurts. Our thoughts are with the family of Mohamed Kamara, the Lyft driver from this story, and his passengers. Kamara, a 42-year old family man from Sierra Leone, was working long hours on Lyft to save up money to bring his family over to the US when this happened.

The Gig Life has reached out to the journalist to try and make contact with the affected families and see if there’s a way we can help.

A reminder to everyone – please take care. Drive and ride safely.

Instacart Shopper gets car stolen - she still delivers the order

Although it goes without saying, stories like this remind us that gig workers are a really special group. You put yourselves out there every day to serve others, and sometimes - like in this story - you really go the extra mile.

This Instacart Shopper in Avondale, Arizona completed an Instacart delivery - at 1:15 am - right after her car was stolen. Talk about customer service!

Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike in Rhode Island for Better Pay and Working Conditions

We stand with our fellow gig workers in Rhode Island, who join hundreds across the country in demanding fair treatment from apps like Uber and Lyft. There will always be debate about the specific policies introduced state by state. We can all agree that gig workers deserve better.

DoorDash driver claims they were given ‘free’ pitbull puppy while on shift

Most headlines we read about DoorDash these days tend to be about bad tippers, but this one takes the cake. Although I hope the driver still got a good tip, a puppy can be priceless! Check out this story, and be on the lookout for free pets on your day-to-day ride!

Check out our friends Pedro and Hannibal’s upcoming event for gig workers in Denver Colorado this August. If you want to meet a couple of YouTube celebrities who are also gig economy icons, then be sure to stop by.


Video Spotlight

If you’re, like us and your teen years included watching American Pie, then you’ll appreciate this ad. We don’t typically share official advertisement videos, but we have to give props to DoorDash for nailing this one!

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