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  • $400K DoorDash bill, and other FTX extravagance!

$400K DoorDash bill, and other FTX extravagance!

Hold onto your hats because we've got some juicy gig news for you this week. But that's not all, folks! We're also thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new contest.

Spring has sprung, and while some lucky folks bask in endless sunshine year-round – we’re looking at you Palm Springs, Houston, and Tampa Bay – those of us still shivering in 41-degree weather are eagerly awaiting warmer days. But hey, at least things are heating up in the gig economy! As the city streets spring back to life, gig workers are getting ready to hustle and make bank. Time to break out those running shoes and get moving!

And if you thought that was exciting, hold onto your hats because we've got some juicy gig news for you this week. But that's not all, folks! We're also thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new contest. Keep scrolling for all the deets.

Top Headlines

This week's top headlines from the Gig Economy

FTX team had racked up over $400k in DoorDash orders, and still owes $600k to Margaritaville on an unpaid tab

Do you remember the jaw-dropping FTX saga that rocked the crypto world? Well, the plot just keeps thickening! With such a tiny team, it's hard not to wonder how many orders of Volcano Nachos they had to chow down on to rack up that mammoth DoorDash bill. Let's just hope they didn't skimp on the tips!

What Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash’s victory on gig-worker status looks like so far

This chapter in the California fight concerning gig workers’ legal status is over. However, don’t expect that this is the last we’ll hear about it. There’s speculation that this will make its way to California State's Supreme Court. In short, last week’s decision upheld Prop 22 from 2020, in which gig workers remain classified as Independent Contractors while also earning the right to a small (and for most gig workers, ineffective) healthcare stipend.

Uber, Lyft drivers at SFO doing lots of waiting, less driving

This story struck a chord for me when I read it. I’ve spent time in those parking lots, talking to drivers much like these. Although some of us choose this work for its flexibility and pay, some of us are here without options, and in cities where the pay continues getting worse. Keeping sharing your stories.

“You gotta treat like a real job”: DoorDash driver says he made $1,200 after working for 26 hours

It’s not always easy out there living the Gig Life, but here’s a friendly reminder that it can be worth it. You can make decent money and be in control of your work. That’s worth something. Check him out on TikTok here.

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Video Spotlight

YouTuber: Cars and Cribs

(Follow him here)

What Is POINT PICKUP? My FIRST Time Trying This NEW Gig App! Is It Worth It?

This Youtuber brightened my day. The video also does a good job of highlighting an app that a lot of people haven’t heard of or tried yet: PointPickup. Like every app, they can’t promise that you won’t get any annoying customers, but it seems like this fellow still had fun along the way.

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